WWCA Women Tour to T&T

By Dr. Hector C. Butts

It is not usual for me to comment on cricket matters as published. In this instant I am commenting because of the good quality of the writing of the WWCA Trinidad Tour Report — readable, concise, clear, graphic, no superlatives, and uncommon for most reporters on cricket and worthy of my opinion. Very interesting outcomes of the first efforts of the WWCA that sponsored and presented a women’s cricket team from USA to the international arena for 2014, and reaping acceptable rewards from its investment. WWCA must take pride in the successful performance of the women at first go at competitive representation of its program for “Elite Women” cricketers.

It is difficult to place the appropriate words to reflect the depth of commendation for this performance on this first effort as a competitive team, and moreover, in an environment with conditions which are dissimilar to those in the USA. Being aware of “collective neglect” (lack of programs and activities by governing bodies) toward the growth and development of women’s cricket in the USA, brings this success into a meaningful perspective for related efforts of women. It is known that women, though small in number, pioneer and lead a struggle in their commitment to embed women’s cricket in the culture of the USA—the occasional game for some, continuous play for others as part of men’s teams, the annual tournament in Atlanta(bigger every year), and the lack of sufficient support from the “sidelines”. The connection between women players in many states of USA—mainly, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, California, Georgia, and Texas, encouraging and engaging each other to stay focus serves to overcome many constraints placed by the “collective neglect”. So a mere “trini- congratulations” to you ladies at this time.

Evidence on the WWCA’s website advocates that its efforts are singular and unique for the affairs of women’s cricket in USA. Thus, finding the appropriate words to commend it for the scale of its efforts in 2014 to bridge the gap left by the “collective neglect” is difficult at present. Evidently, it achieved a primary goal of providing domestic and international expertise to interested and committed women aimed at their growth and development in the sport of cricket. Without a doubt, the expertise provided by Robin Singh, Stephanie Power, and Stefanie Taylor triggered interests, and identified and developed skills for developing “Elite Women” cricketers. Indeed, the related episodes of collective training in New York acted as incentives as well as opportunity to check strengths and weaknesses and receiving advice on individual programs/actions for growth and improvement in appropriate skills and techniques.

I commend the success of the WWCA’s investment in women’s cricket for 2014 on basis of reading deeper into what is in the statistics. The article states and the numbers support that in defeat the team was not lethargic as seen from time-to-time even at level of test matches, but rather presented much excitement at all times-through resolution in all departments of the game. Indeed, each may learn much later (a month perhaps) from singular or collective reflections, respectively, possible reasons that aid better performance—attitude, approach,

confidence, strategy, fitness, overall lack of techniques against particular bowling style from the TT team, bowling to particular batsman, etc.,) knowing that the individual efforts always matter (TIEAM).

Commendation for success will not be limited to numbers nor for WWCA only. Very importantly, the other sponsors and supporters measure additional success in the form of the quality in the character in the behavior of the ladies– old and young. They served well as ambassadors of women’s cricket and of the USA. Congratulations to WWCA. You did all proud in keeping women’s cricket in the international arena in 2014 in the form of ELITE performance.

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