WWCA to Host Practice Games in New York

Stephanie Power to Lead the Charge

Miramar, Florida, June 12, 2014 – The Worldwide Cricket Academy (WWCA) Elite Women’s Program will be hosting its second camp for women cricketers who attended the program’s Spring camp. The camp will be led by Stephanie Power, former West Indies Women Assistant Coach, and will consist of four practice games at Baisley Park, Queens, New York on June 28 and 29.

Other women cricketers who missed the opportunity to participate in the Spring camp are also invited to register to participate in the upcoming games, space permitting.

The women have been in training with their respective clubs and WWCA President Ricky Toolsie is happy to bring the women together from around the country to play high-quality games.

“One thing our women cricketers lack are match-playing opportunities at any level so we are happy to provide that platform to mix and match players so that we have competitive games. One weekend alone would not make them world-class players but as long as we can make meaningful additions to their regular schedule of activities and increase their exposure, then we will certainly help to develop better prepared players. They also get to do this under one of the best women’s coaches in the game.”

Technical Director Robin Singh will not be in attendance but he has provided his technical guidance for the upcoming games. From the weekend’s activities, players will be shortlisted for further match-playing opportunities later in the year.

Questions? Email women@worldwidecricketacademy.org

About the 
WWCA Elite Women’s Program

The WWCA Elite Women’s program is funded privately and is designed to assess and develop current and future USA national women team prospects. It aims to create a culture of success among players by providing a focused environment that instills the virtues of hard work, commitment, and discipline while developing the mental, physical, technical, tactical, and strategic aspects of the game.

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Ricky Toolsie
President | Worldwide Cricket Academy

Nadia T. Gruny
Program Director | Worldwide Cricket Academy

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