5 Best Mobile Apps For Your Cricket Team

Whether you’re a cricketer, coach, team manager, or fan, your entire cricket world is just a tap away on your smartphone device. Here is USAWOMENSCRICKET.ORG’s guide to the five best mobile apps for your cricket team.

1. Ubersense (free)ubersense
Download: iOS
Cricketers and other pro US athletes use Ubersense to improve their techniques through slow motion video analysis. Recording HD video up to 120 frames per second allows users to playback in multiple slow motion speeds and frame-by-frame, capturing precise detail of a cricketer’s batting, bowling, fielding, or wicket-keeping technique. A coach’s dream app, Ubersense makes it easy to set up a team; view videos by cricket technique and athlete; and share videos with specific players or the entire team. Any two videos can be viewed side-by-side or stacked for comparison. The app allows users to use drawing tools to measure or highlight form and add voice-over notes to videos.

2. Teamsnap (Free and paid versions)
Download: iOS | Android
Are you the team manager who sends weekly emails asking for player availability? One of the best team management apps on the market, Teamsnap helps you to maintain your team roster, track player availability, practice attendance and schedules. The map feature ensures a player is never scrambling to find a practice/game location. You can text or email your entire team easily, on last minute changes. Teamsnap is used in more than 190 countries and also has a desktop version of the application.

3. CricHQ (free)
Download: iOS | Android
Would you like to see your own wagon wheels, pitch maps, run worms and more from your local club cricket game? CricHQ’s advanced scoring app provides a very easy and intuitive scoring system that makes the daunting task of scoring, appealing. Set up your league and the app will calculate MVP and individual player statistics automatically. Enable live scoring and you can share ball-by-ball coverage of your game with the world. The app also has a great social feature which allows you to keep track of your favorite professional and local cricketers’ scores and exclusive CricHQ social updates.

4. WatchESPN (free)
Download: iOS | Android | Windows
Cricket games aren’t on mainstream sports TV channels in the US but it doesn’t mean you can’t see them! Thanks to ESPN’s growing interest in delivering live cricket broadcasts to the US market, you can enjoy many live games in HD quality wherever you go! WatchESPN delivers county cricket, men and women’s World Cup, IPL (select games), Champion’s League, Caribbean Premier League and select bilateral series to your smart device for free. It is believed that the cricket viewership on the app will be an indicator to ESPN that there is a viable market for broadcasting games live on TV. So, the more we watch cricket on this app, the more coverage we will get!

5. ESPNCricinfo (free)
Download: iOS | Android | Windows | Blackberry
The most comprehensive source of cricket news from around the world, ESPNCricinfo offers ball-by-ball live scoring of matches around the world; news; match previews and reports; player profiles and statistics; feature articles from cricketers, analysts, and some of the best cricket writers in the world. ESPNCricinfo is the world’s leading cricket website and a wholly-owned subsidiary of ESPN Inc., the world’s leading multimedia sports entertainment company.

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