Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club Receive Cricket Equipment

On September 19, six Oracle employee volunteers introduced 21 kids of the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club to the game of cricket.

Boys and girls aged 6-9 were invited to the fitness center located at the Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. The session was coordinated by Nadia Gruny, member of the USA Women’s National cricket team and led by Rajendra Badadare, former USA Under 15 National Boys team coach.

To some kids, cricket was not an entirely new sport. One American student was overheard explaining to his friend that he cannot drop the bat when running. They all were very enthusiastic about learning the game with some demonstrating a natural affinity to the sport.

The Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club received a free cricket set courtesy of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA). The session ended with a small pizza party.

The objective of the cricket session as described by Gruny was to pilot the use of Oracle employee volunteers to teach cricket while generating interest among kids in the local community. More cricket development plans are in the making for the near future.

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