Two women’s cricket programs gain momentum in Bay Area

The BACA women’s cricket team got a head-start and held its first practice session on May 2nd, 2009 at Stanford University’s practice facility. Plans are underway to invite Seattle’s women’s team over the June 28th weekend and for a return visit to Seattle in August. BACA’s women’s league will be based in the South Bay with Nadia Gruny as the coordinator. Anybody in the Greater San Francisco area interested in joining this team should contact Nadia by emailing her at





NCCA has launched a recruitment drive
NCCA’s Cassandra Mowatt is coordinating the league’s women’s cricket activities across East, North and South Bay with grounds in East and South Bay as well as Marin. Cassandra’s promise is that if women are interested in playing serious cricket, NCCA will provide equipment and training without charge.

Cassandra is optimistic of forming not just a team, but a complete competitive women’s league. “We have 400 male players in our league, and if everyone knows of one girl – a sister, daughter, cousin, wife, or co-worker, who wants to play. We could make over 10 teams!”

And she is not overpromising. The league has signed up 22 women from a posting on an internet bulletin board. Now it has expanded its search by way of a flyer campaign. Cassandra can be contacted via

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