Ladies Take Over In Tri State

Thanks to the Tri State Development Program, the fairer sex will be in the thick of things in two competitions expected to last three months.

The action will kick off this Saturday (May 7) with a 50 overs a side round robin series that will feature the country’s leading players, the great majority from the United States national team.
Given the paucity of competition for women, the two series has attracted players from throughout the country and even Canada.

Indomatie Goordial-John, Candacy Atkins, Triholder Marshall,  Shondelle Ward, Nadia Gruny, Monique Mathee,  the exciting young India-born batter Shebani Bhaskar and  Lorena Vitte are among the big names  will be in action while  preparing for the Women’s World Cup preliminary competition in Bangladesh.

Mona Persaud, captain of the Canada team which ruled the roost in the International cricket Council’s Americas Division, before being toppled by the United States last year, will add international flavor along with India-based Mandhakini Bhaskar, sister of Shebani, who is making her debut in U.S. competition.

They will be coming strong in a powerful  Tristate Lynx squad which will present  New York Warriors, New Jersey Phoenix  and the Combined Team, the other teams in action,  a huge challenge to emerge on top in the first ever women’s domestic competition in New York Region.

Left: Shebani Bhaskar and and Shondell Ward 

New York Warriors will be an experienced bunch with the likes of Joan Alexander, Louise Brown, Beverly Brown, Dawantie Persaud, Grace Richards, who represented West Indies Regional teams in the past and also the United States national side. 

Former West Indies and current U.S. regular Doris Francis is leading New Jersey Phoenix while the Combined Lineup will feature the newcomers who did not make the cut for last year’s inaugural National competition.

So the stage is set for a season of enthralling action for the girls, all of who will have their eyes set on winning places for the trip to Bangladesh in November.

It will be a clash of  young  talent  against  guile and experience as Goordial-John’s all round batting and bowling qualities, Ward’s extreme pace, Shebani Bhaskar’s exquisite batting skills and also those of Mathee, Gruny, Atkins, Marshall, will face up to wiles of Alexander, Brown, Richards, Francis and company. 

Right: Indomatie Goordial-John. Photo Courtesy ICC/Bryan Vandenberg

Tristate Lynx and New York Warriors will get the ball rolling on Saturday at Gateway Park in Brooklyn, in the curtain raiser.

The action will continue next Saturday (May 14) with  New Jersey Phoenix and New York Warriors clashing in New Jersey   and the action will return to the Big Apple the following Saturday in a showdown between  Tri State Lynx and New Jersey Phoenix.

Organized by the Tri State organization, the series will also be used to identify teams for the national championship scheduled for New York, in July or August.

Left: Nadia Gruny Photo courtesy: ICC/Bryan Vandenberg

Schedule of game

New York Region Tristate Lynx Gateway/ May 7th
New Jersey Phoenix New York Region New Jersey/ May 14th
Tristate Lynx New Jersey Phoenix New York/ May 21st
Tristate Lynx New York Region To be announce/ June 4th
New York Region New Jersey Phoenix To be announce/ June 11th
New Jersey  Phoenix Tristate Lynx To be announce/ June 18th

Schedule of play

FIRST SESSION 11:00 AM – 2:10 PM
REFRESHMENT 12:00     &     1:00
LUNCH 2:10 PM – 2:55 PM
REFRESHMENT 3:55       &     4:55

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