USA announces squad for Americas WCWC Qualifier

The squad includes several players who have participated in last year’s ICC America’s Women’s CWCQ tournament held in Lauderhill, Florida, as well as a few newcomers.

The tournament will feature three 50-overs contests and two T20 matches. However, only the 50-overs matches will be used to determine the series winner.

The 14-player squad is as follows: Joan Alexander-Serrano, Bushra Ali, Candacy Atkins, Durga Das, Doris Francis, Indomatie Goordial-John, Nadia Gruny, Catherine Joy Jones, Triholder Marshall, Monique Mathee, Rohini Prabhune, Grace Richards, Shondell Ward, Pauline Williams

Reserves: Shebani Bhaskar, Louise Brown-Jackson, Sana Ilahi, Erica H. Rendler, Sonakshi Sagar, Elizabeth L. Vitte

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